Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Play - Word Drop

A cross between Boggle and Tetris. Form words from the blocks to remove them. Star is anything you like. When the letters hit the ceiling, you lose. Click the pic to get the game. Enjoy.

Play - Gravity Master

Draw lines and shapes to move the ball and collect all them "things" to complete each level. Thats my best explanation, you can work it out. But say goodbye to the next hour or so. I managed Level 18 :)

Play - Pinch Hitter 2

An extremely addictive and equally frustrating baseball game. Use the mouse to aim and click to swing and work your way through the ranks. Click on the picture to play the game

Fun Infographics Video

Many thanks to Tomas Nilsson for making this video. I much prefer this version to the original story :)

Monday, 29 June 2009

X-Factor parody

Dave and Dom from Folkface and their own takeaway version of the Hallelujah song.

Norwegian Beatbox

Well its not really beatboxing but its some cracking video editing. Lasse Gjertsen, you have some time on your hands but we love it.

Barack Obama Gettin' Jiggy

Come on everybody you know the words! This is one song that will stay in your head all day. Party because the words are simply "Barack Obama". The song was made by the one and only Chris Moyles. Victory dance!

Slinky Cat

Place cat at top of the stairs, watch in amusement, pick up cat, repeat. Endless fun!


Do some people live in a box?

Girly Man

Quite a fitting first post I think. As everyone in the world has already been told a thousand times before, Michael Jackson has died. But dont worry people, this Bollywood star shall continue his legacy. He's certainly got the moves!